Apologies and Forgiveness

I thought I lost you, I almost died
I thought I lost a friend, I cried
It hurt so much, glad I survived
it was a nightmare, it’s over, I’m glad

like a busted light bulb, I lost the light
It was the darkest hours of my life
Like the fangs of a thousand wolves that bites
I almost succumb to the pain that cuts

I thought I was the only one hurting
Then I heard your voice, you’re crying
Intense emotions flooded, I almost drown
Never had I realized I was stabbing you and I

Then complete silence on the line
Only constant agonizing sobs on the phone
Love finally fought back and won
Now we are closer than ever been before

In love, it is never an option to walk away
Surrender and you lose true happiness
When love is true it always find a way
Apologies accepted, time for forgiveness