Looking Back at My Past

I lay down, shut my eyes
And dared to go back
A part of me, my past
Dug deeper as far as I could
Decisions I made back then
That led me to where I am
There were some things
Choices I have made
That could’ve been better
But when I reached the part
Where I have met you
All regrets faded away
Because I know in my heart
Those bad choices I’ve made
Led me to your arms
And I wouldn’t trade that
Even for the world.

3 Responses to "Looking Back at My Past"

  1. Robert,
    This is absolutely one of your best pieces of writing. A gem!
    I loved the honesty and the sincerity of the message contained within your words.

    Best wishes, Eileen
    Hope all is good with you.

  2. Thanks Eileen! We may have some regrets but finding the right person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with make us forget those bad choices we've made.

  3. Anonymous16:13

    That is a beautiful summary of lifes choices that lead us to the now. I have no regrets, for if I did, I would not be here in this place. It would be very empty here without her.
    Thank You



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