Short Poems about Love

So it Has Grown

like a plant
it was showered with so much care
til it bears a flower
flower with so much passion
no thorns
just fragrance
a flower that we now share

the love we nurture

Since We Were

a kiss, passionate
sun touches the mountain
the sky is painted
morning has been this way
since you and I became one


The wind passes
Never to return
Taking with it, the clouds
Moments of love
Engraved, never forgotten


Two old trees
Branches entwined
Against the brushing wind
An aging couple
Walks hand in hand


Sharp Kattana sword
Protective sheath,
Compliments and covers
Reckless, brute man
Woman's love

Cupid's Arrow

Fierce lightning
Pierced through swiftly
Within the frozen wall
The cold one trembled
Succumbed to love