Twinkling eyes-Inspirational Poem

by Jeanne Ames

Never let your eyes grow up
Look at life with child like wonder;
With every new snow fall
Or when you hear the birds call
When you see a flower bloom
Or see a golden crescent moon
The gentle swaying of the trees
Hear the laughter of the leaves
As you taste your favorite ice-cream
Don’t ever be afraid to dream
Be sure to give your smile away
Every hour of every day
Put your face toward the sun
Don’t quit life before it’s done
Show the ones you love, you care
As long as this earth we share
Give comfort to your fellow man
Always be willing to lend a hand
Climb a tree, wade in cool steams
Life might not be as bad as it seems
The more you give your love away
The more you’ll get back each day
So smile and give me your hand
Walk with me on the golden sand
"Many have surrendered before they have reach their goal, never knowing it's just a few inches away. Positivity is the only weapon we need, it is free and it's just inside us. Appreciation of every little thing that makes you happy is the first step so get up and let's walk towards the sun."
RS Mallari