The Saga of Love

Heartbreaks, tears, all part of it
Laughter, happiness, everyone’s pursuit
In the name of love there are no certainties
but it’s a gamble worth trying

wind of distrust can ruin
even the most perfect relationship
as distrust begets anger
which then turn to hatred

others found everlasting fountain
of understanding and respect
even the wrath of time
can’t sever the sturdy bond

love is a saga, not fate
some fail and some will triumph
but at the end of the path
it's how well you have fought
and how you bounce back when you lost

"To love is to live, you never lived unless you shared your whole self to someone. Taking risk is all but part of it and the reward is worth it, to be loved back is a gift but to love unconditionally is the greatest." R.S Mallari