The Beast No More-A Poem about the Magic of Love

I was on my tired knees
Made and pleaded for a wish
Swollen eyes soaked in tears
Wished that I did not exist

My life is a bad joke
An egg without a yolk
An ugly beast in amok
Underneath the black cloak

Then you came along
Telling me I’m not alone
(Passion on your voice’s tone)
That for me there is a home

My doomed journey ends
Path to self-destruction’s gone
You healed my soul and cleanse
With the touch of your hands

Awhile, I’m on my knees again
This time, I am more of a man
Beside me, a woman in gown
One with the passionate tone

6 Responses to "The Beast No More-A Poem about the Magic of Love"

  1. This poem makes me cry..

    You have such beautiful voices in your head. Let them speak.

  2. Thanks Edlin, I will try to listen more to the voice inside me to come up with worth reading pieces.

  3. Anonymous06:29


  4. wow,
    your talent is valid.
    what a magical twist in life,
    Blessings fly your way....
    Happy Potluck!
    Thanks for linking up.

  5. week 11 potluck awards/treats 4 u

    Thanks for the beautiful contribution to week 11, hope to see you next Monday!
    Happy Thursday!
    Happy Thanksgiving Holiday if you celebrate!

  6. Beautiful. Love is the magic of healing.


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