"Isolophobia" (fear of being alone)

By Harris Noh

Please don't let me be
With no one here for my sight to see,
Mine eyes vision not so clear
No voice for my ears to hear

Solely in a pitch dark room
Lonely and feeling this gloom,
In an abyss I wait alone
For someone to take me home.

Like a full bright yet shimmering moon
Shining velvet lights but all alone,
No stars to share it's glow
And time moves on so very slow.

I'm scared in darkness I whispered
But no soul can notice not a single shepherd,
I'm afraid I shout very loud
Still no one can hear not even a cloud.

Them who I casted from my side
For our hearts once each collide,
Now them I seek here to arrive
Our hearts come to a new divide.

You'll die alone said the voice inside
Like a lone wolf with no one by it's side,
Be buried with nothing but all the hatred
Of them who from within you have betrayed.

Now I recognize this feeling of dread
And them who cared but I misread,
Someone please don't let me be
Be sole with no one to stay beside me.

Save me from my world of solitude
Reach my hand someone I hope you would,
I don't want to be an oblivion for much longer
With you be here I'll be afraid no more.