Death of Chivalry (Ottava Rima)

Medieval Knight in a Forest

Once upon a time when gentlemen abound
Honor was more important than bank account
When men live by their words, are always bound
And act only by good and noble intent
Women feel secure as knights were around
Warriors don’t need force to steal ladies’ hearts
Gone are the days of kingdoms and noble men
Comes era of lust and love of forbidden

8 Responses to "Death of Chivalry (Ottava Rima)"

  1. Sadly that is the case. Words so beautifully wrought and sadly underlined.

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  2. thanks for popping in over at One Stop...

    yes, this is an unfortunate reality, this changing of age...but i would say it i not dead, there is a small resistance of guys that still practice those old ways...and as we teach our children we keep that hope alive...nice write...

  3. R.S. Mallari,

    These are very true words of the world that we all live in today.
    Not really an age of chivalry.

    Good words......

    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you guys, I hope our kids like Brian said will be able to revive the age of chivalry.

  5. There is a new generation rising! ;D

  6. Anonymous14:18

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

  7. Anonymous14:34

    Yeah, sad truth. This really is the era of lust and greed, most people do not take the path of chivalry and nobility. Tsk. Though I still believe that Chivalry is still alive. As I've said in my post, it is a dying tradition.. but I know that it is still alive.

    Thanks po for the visit in my blog. Good day. :)


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