Flower Like Her

Among the weeds, a flower blooms
Cerise petals defined to perfection
Air filled with its captivating fragrance
Like morning dew or the kiss of spring

As the sun rises, beauty it radiates
Bees on a battle as they couldn’t resist
Sweet and alluring nectar it possesses
As it sways by the wind with grace

Wild flower, untamed and so pure
Soon a hand will pick you for sure
Feast on your scent over and over
And throw you away as you wither

But maybe a pure loving hand
With rare unsullied noble palm
Will keep you even as you dried up
And shall make you as a bookmark

3 Responses to "Flower Like Her"

  1. really good written...
    and smells good like a flower... :)

  2. I love reading poems about flowers and bees this time of year, very well written :)

  3. Anonymous21:48

    through poetry we bloom we try to express are selfs and this is what it does


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