I'm Coming Home Mother-Terza Rima

I wonder what you would say
The moment you will see me
Guess you’ll embrace me and cry

I am just thinking how it would be
As soon I enter that familiar door
Surely, you will greet me with glee

I have been from far away shore
Two years was not easy to bear
Without that sweet smile of yours

And so now, I’m almost there
I could imagine your misty eyes
That is, if you were alive, mother

Harder it gets, no matter how I try
Accept that you’re forever gone away

13 Responses to "I'm Coming Home Mother-Terza Rima"

  1. What a beautiful poem...
    I guess... it should be an expression of longing for the beloved mom who was gone forever...
    So touch...

  2. Anonymous20:48

    It's beautiful & mature. I can feel its melancholy hanging on every word.

  3. Ouhhh...very touchy.
    words from heart.
    very nicely composed!

  4. Poignant! There’s a twist in the last lines, which leaves a pain. Home coming; i empathize the emotions that you have scribbled here. It touches the depths!

  5. Thank you guys, It will be a year this coming November yet I still am longing for her.But have to accept that she's resting now.

  6. Oh this poem is beautiful and sad....I was reading along, happy that you would be seeing your mother's face. So sad to know she has gone ahead...........but still firmly in your heart. A very lovely poem and tribute to your mother.

  7. Thanks Sherry, a month from now will be her first death anniversary, I really miss her terribly.

  8. Ronald,
    Your words are a beautiful, loving tribute to your mother. I admire your strength of character, since you are also so far from your home.
    Thank you for givng me thoughts about my own mother as well.
    I will be thinking of your mother over the next few weeks..
    Best wishes, Eileen

  9. Nicely done Terza Rima.

  10. @Eileen thanks, If there is someone in my life that have made me who I am, it's my mother.

    @dasuntoucha, If I have it my way I still prefer poems written in forms. Thanks.

  11. love this,
    you make your mother Proud and smile via this work.

  12. Thanks Jingle, she may have left but she constantly inspire me in everything I do.


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