Ode to Maine (Yaya Dub)

picture from twitter.com/mainedcm

Lady so playful yet so graceful
Intellect hides behind your comic face
But those diamond eyes betrays
You are an old soul in disguise

Funny faces you project
People laugh, such power of your charm
A nation noticed, now loves you lot
A maiden everyone’s delight

Your journey has just began
Yeah, the Lord always has a plan
Not a moment late not a moment soon
Milady your time has come to shine

Like a flower you're a delight to the eyes
Elegance you possess always radiates
Even rivals that of the great sun light
Higher than a mountain's summit
Your personality extends far as the sky

May your kind heart pour like rain
Continue to touch lives like a saint
Be like an eagle spread your wings
Wipe sadness so happiness could reign

Young and old speaks of your soul
I couldn’t argue because I am one, oh well
Words aren’t enough to make this ode
As beautiful and lovely as you
At least I tried in ways that it’s true