Chained Hearts (Love Unfulfilled)

Two souls met,
Little time spent
Hearts were meant
Cruel was the moment
Love unfulfilled

Time had flown
Separate roads taken
Lives of their own
They met again
Still love unfulfilled

Beautiful things
Happiness should bring
But not the right thing
Must never cling
Love can’t be fulfilled

Cry, that will do
Until pain is through
Feelings even true
Need to be subdued
Love mustn’t be fulfilled

4 Responses to "Chained Hearts (Love Unfulfilled)"

  1. i am lovin it….!!!
    its is so nice sharing……
    gr8 wrk !!!!

  2. I think that the poem is telling the true picture of love. I love it. The blog done the great job.

  3. winnie zulu14:07

    i love it its gr8 coz it tells the truth love must not be fulfiled

  4. Yet another sad story on a poem. I have something like this entitled, A Sad Love Story.

    Well, life must go on.


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