It was coincidence when we met
Both of us finding our way
To have talked to you was a mistake
In an instant, a sinful path

We could have blamed cupid
But that would be a terrible lie
Love or lust made us stupid
Forbidden web, we are trapped

We could justify everything
Tell everyone it was love
Who would believe such a thing?
You’ve just been married a month or two

Nowhere to hide, time to cry
Sinful romance must end now
Just mend the mistakes, we can try
Maybe just maybe, we’ll be forgiven

3 Responses to "Time to Cry"

  1. Ronald,
    A very intense and passionate poem, with I suspect a sad ending....
    As the path of love is never a smooth path.....

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi RS .. Two paths that entwined, only to realise it was not such a good idea .. we all need to readjust - but love is the tricky one .. the hurt is there & it's more difficult to get over.

    Thanks .. sad and lovely poem .. Hilary

    PS - Thank you for coming by my blog on Misalliance .. also a sad tale, with some verses interspersed -- your comment has been swallowed for the moment by blogger - I do not know why - occasionally it does it .. but I have replied!

    Your poem on IE is one long verse, whereas in Google Chrome .. it's four verses .. ?!

    Good to see you - have a good weekend .. Hilary

  3. Dear Ronald, why crying,love,even for a moment,is a blessing!


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