Grant me Oh Lord
Patience so I could bear,
Tolerate my self-righteous friend

Provide me Oh Lord
With wisdom to understand,
Abide his conceited ways

Keep me safe Oh Lord
Guard me against the people
He offended and fought with

Most of all Oh Lord
I beseech and beg you
Don’t take your eyes off me

If you do Oh Lord
I will be asking for forgiveness
And praying for the soul of my
Departed, dear friend.

9 Responses to "Hear My Prayer"

  1. Very beautiful spiritual piece.

  2. I had to smile at the last stanza:) Good one!

  3. Thanks Sherry, now I know my first attempt on humor is a success.

  4. Very good poem. Shows we can't lead our lives alone. Nice job.

  5. what a passionate call.

    Happy Sunday!

    Do link to potluck tonight at JP.

  6. that is speaking truth....know the feeling...bkm

  7. Thank you all guys, some may have not gotten the humor but this is my first attempt on this "genre".

  8. I see you made some changes around here. Very nice. I had to re-read this again and now I see what you mean with the humor. The style you wrote this in, cleverly disguises it though. Too busy focusing on the Lord I guess. I love it even more this time around.


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