I Hope You Dance Mama

By: Nospho Lwandle Madywabe

She never looked nice, She is beautiful
She is drafted to carry beauty.

Snail is smooth soft and tender
Oh! Amazingly carrying on her back a huge hard shell.
She is walking so slowly
Looking side by side
Oh! Crying, knees trembling hearing the sound of dry bones.
Her tears leaving the trails of treasures
and remembrance as she walks forward.

I looked ponder trying to listen to the sound
The sound of music I once
heard but couldn't get the
Oh! I sighed...
It tortured my soul when
I remembered that
"I won't hear that music anywhere because is my mothers heart beating!!"

Sweet melody like that of a little bird
beside my bedroom window in the morning on a sunny day
that brings a sparkling smile on my cracked little chic's,
A smile like that of a glittering glance on the ocean during the night.
How sweet sweet is thy mother's love.
I hope you dance Mama.