Falling Masks

By: Aseel sio

at first it's a smile.
they pretend to be clear like an open file.
then they lower you into a trap.
where it get close to in a distance of mile .
you'll get knocked down once you get higher
and just for having friendship as your true desire.
you'll get burnt by their hatred fire.

(as soon as they finish their dirty tasks.
so it begins the phase of falling masks.)

they show their fake inside.
to surround you where you can't hide.
from their poisonous dark side.
a friend in need
wolf cried.

(Shall I begin with now? they ask
begin the phase of falling masks)

they spot in you what they want to Fitch.
if you're smart, with knowledge or even rich.
they take whatever you're willing to pitch
but once you lose it all standing on an edge.
know that in that you'll get ditch

(and as you break down searching for air to gasp.
you realize it's the beginning phase of falling mask)

you shared secrets with heart of rocks.
thinking they'll be your sacred black box
papers that speak of shameful talks
signed by the author.
traitor fox

(no matter what's your choice of tracks.
it will sure lead you to those with falling masks.)

he declared his hate for them with no hesitate.
people that you both couldn't tolerate.
people that now he's suddenly close to by fate
and when he see you .
it's like you're not there to give u a hand shake
and you remember when he used to call them phony and fake
you said Hold on just wait!!
look on the ground and pick up your dignity you just break.

(and they'll be gone once they finish their tasks.
to begin their phase of falling masks)

masks fall and expose the beast.
the fanged snake preparing for a feast .
as it revolves out of expectations.
so the pain get decreased.
after the truth been revealed.
with less amount of damage at least.

(no longer if they're my friend or foes you ask.
because you got the closure of the falling mask.)