Why Do We Grow

By: Aashka Shah©

Why do we grow?
Just to see so many ups and low?

When I was a child,
At times without any reason I cried.

As I grew,
To me it felt that happiness flew.

Day turned out to be good or bad;
Smiling or crying for the times I had.

Tensions became an important part of life;
Whether it’s from father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife.

You want that everybody at all times to understand you,
But truly speaking; that amount is not even a few.

Day ends and falls night,
And you sum up how tough was the fight.

Nobody is strong, nobody is weak,
It’s all the game of Gods stick.

Difficulties are always around,
But the mistake is that we always welcome them with a frown.

The more we think,
We have sleepless nights without even a blink.

Life is a Merry-go-round,
What goes around comes around.

Memories play a great part,
It just never lets us go apart.

Life is bliss or curse,
You only have importance if you have money in your purse.

You will have many to guide,
But still you would like to find a place where you can hide.

At the end would like to say; life is just one;
Just enjoy it and care about none.


Strong or weak may be a relation,
But there is always some connection.

Downs and ups may be a part,
But if the relation is true they do not fall complete apart.

Reactions maybe of liking or disliking;
And we may even end up fighting.

Anger ,love, please , displease, happy, sad, hate;
Are the feelings that come and fade.

Problems may smack  your face;
But the solutions you have to trace.

Good and bad times may see you;
But that makes your relations true.

Hope the other person understand your feeling;
And greet you with a warm greeting.