It's the Storm

By: Dalel Bouallousse

it's the storm..
where the depth's explosion done
when illusion's beats grow
when it sounds angry , waves goin' slow
first of all get closer and closer to the soul
then snatch every breath's revolt..
it's My storm ..
when my eyes starts dippin' in tears
when my soul cries for .. and scream
screeaam loudly and never make it disappear..
in here never feeling that fear..
which fear my heart!!
losing someone had never been a case of bleed
it's the storm
when I'm there bow down my dear
through that call drown in
see how much was full thinkin' while soar:

Who Said

who said !!
who said about the illusion's wrong
who said about the fantacy's crimes !!
that world which been adorned by beautiful lies
attract it's readers, dreamers, imaginary selves and alive eyes ..
souls which been so keen on illogical things
became the slave of incredible images, views, thoughts, and even words
mother earth's allure dragged me down dying..
nature's temptations drive me crazy
air's breath kills me slowly
soul's sounds callin' me outside the earth
quick running to get the complete view
which been distorted while i was alive
unspeakable beat seems to be so closer wherever i go