Life is Meant To be Lived

By: Trent Luke

Feel free,
Use advantage,
Peddle the norm,
Push the ideal,
Ideals of this world,
Ideals of the mortal,
Ideals of...

Of a person,
Of a mere human,
Of the thoughts of someone,
no more amazing than any other,
Inspiring... possibly, special... maybe,

A voice for the world?
A vision of truth?
A soldier of what is right?

Matters none,
One human’s idea,
One man’s theory,
A woman’s feel,

But why,
Where is the benefit?
Is it real?
A social blinding of reality?

For we categorize ourselves
with what we believe,
With the common,
With the popular,
With our molded idea of the ultimate.

Molded by powers within,
Powers unseen,
Powers evil,
Powers holy,
Powers no one admits exist.

Close your eyes,
Squeezing tight to your own version of reality,
Our own destiny we've dreamed up
from our molded social view.

Our minds forever shaped,
Melded to how things should be.

Fight the pressure,
Push against the norm,
Build a road of maturity,
Slash through seeming reality

Life was created to be special,
To be believed,
It was meant to be lived!