A Poem about Longing: Just Another Day at the Park

The swing squeaks, no one dare complains
Kids on the playground giggling, unmindful
Being with them, just for a minute or two
Life seems to be a play at the park, wishful

One holds a bubble-maker blowing hard
On the other side father and son flying kites
Here just laughs, where whining is absurd

The swing squeaks, no one dare complains
As two pairs push their partners up in the air
Couldn’t care less, life depends on the chains

Near the conked out, old and dried fountain
A boy brags about his newly bought red bike
“I could ride you home” he says to a friend

As the sun sets, silence's taking over fast
Why do better things always never last?
Longing for love ones when away from home is such an unbearable feeling. It's as if you're suffocating and unable to breathe. This poem captured that emotions in such a few lines.