My words doesn’t rhyme anymore
Romantic lines are hard to come by
I even forgot to speak love, no more
I don’t even bother why the birds fly
Saturated emotions that are inside me
Clouded everything that’s good within
Why did you have to run and flee?
And leave me while I am asleep
Music no longer can calm my soul
Emptiness has made me numb and cold
In time loneliness will take its toll
And I’ll just be a sad memory, untold

6 Responses to "No More Rhymes"

  1. The verses knock on heart and inspire me to echo, I too! Feel the same.

  2. I too, feel the same. Lovely poem. xoXox

  3. Anonymous16:25

    You have really captured the feeling of numbness and deep emotional pain not just with your words but the way you have written them

  4. Thank You ladies, and Tom sorry for the delayed reaction:)

  5. Anonymous22:48

    o! I so know that feeling :(
    enjoy the potluck!
    you sure know how to capture pain, kudos :)

  6. your words resonate, stunning piece.
    Happy Potluck!


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