R.S. Mallari

Battle with Sadness

I am fine; let me be with the rain
to hide my tears trickling down
let me befriend the thunder
so it can drown my screams

give me space to breath,
let me able to feel my face
I would run not to hide
but so I could feel my feet again

let me embrace the darkness
sleep with it even for a moment
in the morning i will look for the sun
let it shine, until my sorrows fade

soon, it won’t be long
I’ll stand up and be myself again
as for now let me be with the rain
and the thunder be my friend

R.S. Mallari

About R.S. Mallari

Through poetry I am trying to break the barriers of ethnicity, cultures and even beliefs for we humans have the same emotions, the same desires and aspirations. We may differ in colors, in language, and food that we eat yet we are still living under the same sun, swimming and sailing on the same seas and sleeping under the same stars.

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Aulawi Ahmad
09:08 delete

nice poem bro, i like it

20:19 delete

love this..


Through poetry we can inspire others, we can make someone smile and words can make others cry be it of joy or sadness.