First day of December
I clearly remember
It was dawn I recall
This firmed loud call
Honey, He is coming!
Swiftly I came running

Few minutes later
Tightly holding her
Tending while on transit
I was holding my breathe
Unconsciously praying
My wife helplessly laying

An hour passed like a year
She was still in labour
My honey was in pain
Almost made me insane
Another such long hour
It seems like forever

Then she was taken
Room at corridor's end
I was walking like hell
She's fine, no one can tell
Worried, almost kneeling
I ended up smoking

Minutes more I waited
By her mom I was hailed
Room filled with cry I heard
Heavenly sound descended
My wife with so much joy
Beside her was my boy

21 Responses to "Kyro My Boy"

  1. Reading this poem made me so happy. You have captured a superb moment of over the top happiness in your words.

    Hurray! Congratulations on being a DAD.


  2. Michelle07:29

    so cute, kuya. may mga nag-eexist pala talagang guy na tulad mo, hehe. so wonderful. really one in a million.

  3. Thanks Jessica, That is one of my defining moments, and now I am longing for my kids as I am working away from home.

  4. Michelle I noticed your becoming a regular visitor of this blog, I really appreciate it. The best reward a poet can have are reactions to his works good or bad.

  5. Congratulations! How refreshing for a dad to capture such a special life-changing moment like birth with a heartfelt poem.

    All the best to you and your family.


  6. Thanks Lauren, you are right. Life changing indeed. The happiness is immeasurable.

    By the way, Have you found your brain already? Last time I've been to your blog it's still orbiting earth LOL.

  7. hey, jsut visted ur blog but sure will be a regular have captured emotions to its depth

  8. So joyous an event so well written. Your boy is BEAUTIFUL, happy and well-loved. He is perfection.

  9. Ronald,
    What a beautiful poem written by a very proud and loving father.
    A loving tribute to your dear wife and to welcome the new life in Kyro.
    An absolutely charming little boy, with such a gorgeous smile!

    Thank you for sharing this very personal, family experience Ronald.
    Eileen :)

  10. he looks joyful and cute.
    what a beautiful family entry, it reminds me of my own boys when they are little.

  11. Sherry He will be 4 years old this December, I could say that he is the most charming kid and very sensitive little guy, maybe he has got the most of me...a poet. He composes his own songs humming lines spontaneously.

  12. Beautiful moment, beautifully remembered.

  13. Jingle Thank you, happiness that cannot be express in a sentence or so.

  14. Eileen and Philip thanks. How I wish I could write more about him and the happiness he brings.

  15. Anonymous22:13

    How wonderful...your beautiful boy is a treasure, and your joy-filled words show you know that only too well! Wishing your little family endless love in the years to come...:)


  16. Thanks Lynette and you are right he is a treasure indeed, a sweet kind and caring boy now that he is 4 this coming December 1.

  17. Nice way to capture the birth of your child. Ver sweet Ron

  18. What a nice way to commemorate the birth of your son. Very nice Ron

  19. Thanks Karen, none is sweeter than the feeling a father gets when he sees his newborn child.

  20. Anonymous19:24

    camo says dont do this to me man you making me nervous but that was awesome you captured the moment with words ,so cool.

  21. Don't be Camo, It's the best feeling ever..the first glimpse of your angel is priceless.


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