Just an Old Friend

Wherever you are, I will be standing
Even when everybody is laughing
Your greatness is all I wanted to see
Upon the heavens and the lonely sea
When you breathe failure, I will eat despair
If sadness is suffocating, I'll give air
I will clear paths, move mountains for your sake
Burden I will carry, years it may take
But yesterday that was, now I am weak
An old man, Too wise with an aching back
Wanderer you, now a successful man
With golden hat, treasures and so much land
Fog and mist of triumphs made your eyes blind
You no longer see, a friend you left behind

4 Responses to "Just an Old Friend"

  1. "A sonnet: first attempt
    Leniency I seek." I think i should start putting disclaimers after my own poems :)

  2. Thanks Jessie, that's the nastiest yet the nicest comment so far about my works.

  3. I posted some detailed comments today about your sonnet's meter onto the Poets group, where you posted a copy. I'm leaving this message so you won't miss them.

  4. Thanks Sir George. I really appreciate it and by the way I like the "dwarf under the bed."


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