Now and Not Ever

Drifting away,
You make me sway
Beyond restraint
Until down, I faint
Funny, I love it
Self-indulge, yes I am
Lost track of time

I am floating
I am soaking

I was a monk
You made me sunk
Under your palm
Served you without qualm
Even made you my Queen
My heart, your throne
We were one

I was floating
I was soaking

Suddenly, your words are poison
Injected through my veins
Paralyzing, I am in pain
Goodbye was not enough
Stabbing me with lies, rough
Everything we had,
You have denied

You disowned me
You won’t see me anymore
Not now, not ever.

12 Responses to "Now and Not Ever"

  1. Glad to discover your poems.
    The love you give I take and with the rest I share.

  2. I would have loved to put this poem in my blog.

  3. Anonymous04:17

    What a wonderful posting, keep giving us these inspiring words.

  4. Anonymous you don't know how much that means to me.

  5. No Problem Mohamed, I'll be honored.

  6. I will ma'am A.J for as long as there are willing readers.

  7. I think the rhyme scheme really damages you here. Poems with heavy end-rhymes -- especially when it's rhyming couplets like this -- typically develop a sort of plodding pace to them, and this one does. Further, maintaining the rhyme requires you to use word choices you wouldn't otherwise pick.

  8. This is more of a song, and those words I chose not because they rhyme but that's what I felt.

    Thank you for the comment.

    1. Anonymous23:15

      i really like your poem honestly. the way you place those words

    2. Thank you anonymous, I really appreciate it.

  9. beautiful words..Tq 4 sharing Bro :)

  10. Anonymous19:51

    hhmmmm this one got me thinking....


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