You are not Alone

Down, far lost in the shadows
Trying to escape from the chaos
Road that leads to salvation
Hard to see when in temptation

Hopes are wearing thin
Doubts creep under the skin
Thoughts of uncertainty
Begins to claim thy sanity

Behold, there is a way-out
Learn to listen, help must be sought
Look at the footsteps behind
Nobody walks the path alone

If ears can no longer hear
Use the heart instead, never fear

If the eyes can no longer see
Tap the spirit within and set it free

4 Responses to "You are not Alone"

  1. Very deep! Doubts creep under the skin...I am full of doubts, but I'll fallow your advice, I'll use the heart and tap the spirit within. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous02:20

    I, too, feel like "trying to escape from the chaos."

  3. Oh I love this! I'm so down right now and this poem helped me a bit.

  4. We are all wanderers and most of the time are lost, fear and uncertainties are hard to fight off but with a renewed spirit we can conquer everything in our paths.

    Thank you all for the lovely comments.


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