Balikbayan (Homecoming)

It was 2008 when I boarded the plane
Left my heart with my crying wife
With her, my daughter and my son
Time to go on a journey, first flight

As I buckled up, stared at the window
I knew then, it’ll never be the same
My heart filled with pain, much sorrow
I left my family with, only my name

In 2009, three months before my home flight
Misfortunes struck me in bulk
Everything came to a sudden halt
The company where I worked, bankrupt

I endured three months existing, not living
In a dilemma, I want to go home yet I cannot
Thoughts of my family, kept me moving
Until I found a new pasture, one more shot

November 2009 was the darkest
Death has taken my beloved mother
I, the favorite son, the youngest
On her final hour, I wasn't even there

Now 2010, ticket at hand, at last
After two years of sweat and blood
To be reunited with my family at long last
The entire wait, worthwhile, I am so glad"