In Qatar, What to do? Yane

Waiting for taxi, half an hour now
Searching for that familiar blue car
Drops of sweat on my eyebrow
Sandstorm, I can feel the gust of wind
Lit a cigarette is annoyance
Lighter’s flame can’t live even a second
Looked for a waiting shed for cover
Finally a puff of nicotine and tar
And more, and another stick
And more, but not a single taxi
Finally a private car parked
Asking where would you go?
No choice but to hop in
Pay extra for his risk of being deported
An hour late for office
Not a good way to impress a boss
Tried to sneak in the office, unnoticed
Office boy greet you with a loud
Good Morning sir!
Mentioning your name, aloud!!
That’s it!
First day of the week!
Sweat-soaked shirt
Dust on your face
Four cigarettes burnt
Late for office
And a ton of crap of words
From a beloved angry boss.

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