A Decade of Love and Friendship (Anniversary Poem)

She was barely a woman
Sweet sixteen, so innocent
Doesn’t know about the world
Much more my world
I was at the top of my game
She’s a good trophy to have
And so it began

The hunt was well-planned
Caught her with my bare hand
Unnoticed I was trapped myself
This canny girl just got me
Chained my heart with hers
That was the day when we promised

That was ten years ago,
It seems just like yesterday
When my heart was tamed
By the one I considered a prey
Now I’m contently holding on
To my most valuable catch
My friend, my lover, my wife

12 Responses to "A Decade of Love and Friendship (Anniversary Poem)"

  1. I envy your wife for this gentle, yet powerful poem dedicated to her. Keep your love alive!

  2. Ronald,
    A most delightful and honest tribute to the one you love.
    A wonderful gift with words, to celebrate ten years together.
    Happy Anniversary for today and many more happy years to come to you and your wife.
    Best wishes,

  3. Thank you ladies, I am pretty sure my wife will appreciate your comments as she occasionally read my poetry.

  4. i am sure this poem has brought tears to her eyes. she is lucky to find someone like you. sweet love and friendship- that's what marriage is all about. happy anniversary to both of you!

  5. Thanks Bing. She just sent me a message saying I said it all. In our vernacular sabi niya "sakto".

    Bad thing, this our 3rd year anniversary miles apart.

  6. that only shows how strong your marriage is. ;) it's all worth the sacrifice, friend. there's no distance that love cannot bridge.

  7. Thaks Bing, I just hope that it will not take that long to earn my one way ticket back home.

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  9. Anonymous03:01

    This is so sweet, and doesn't it often happen that way? - that love catches us when we were looking for a good time?

  10. Pat and gospelwriter my sincerest thanks for having the time to read my poetry and leaved such nice comments. You are right gospelwriter it doesn't happen so often.

  11. Just came across this while doing some research and wanted to let you know I found it very inspirational. Just passed my 10th and I am going to a resort in the caribbean, so I am not complaining, but a poem like this would have gotten him major koodos.

  12. Thanks Faith, and enjoy your trip in the Caribbean.


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