Take me back where my heart longs
Let me feel the Earth with my feet again
I want to run and run until I am numb
Lie beneath the sky with velvet clouds

Take me back to where I was once before
Green fields, singing cicadas, butterflies roam
Warm breeze on my cheeks, blows my hair
Branches of trees kissing the abundant soil

Take me to the river where I used to play
Cold and clear water, where I learnt to swim

That was two long decades ago
Now in a race in the urban zone
Where the wind smells like burning tires
In the sewers, dark dead water flows

Where flies roam and dominate the air
Neither a single butterfly nor a cricket
Waste of men towering like hills
In a man-made valley called the city

Take me home, lovely hills, singing birds
And smell of fresh life-giving morning air

6 Responses to "Take Me Home"

  1. Ronald,
    I understand what the story is behind these sad words and words of longing.
    You have done so well to express all of this on to paper...


  2. Ronald,
    I would also like to welcome you to Poets United. I note that you are in Blog Group 28!
    I think you will very quickly find, like minded poets with whom you can share your skill with words. Equally, they will visit you and add their support with their welcome.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. Thanks Eileen for being a constant "Nice" critic of my works, it pushes me to make some more.

  4. it's so sad how those butterflies have been replaced by flies. i remember huge fruit trees of my youth which my cousins and i happily climbed. they have been replaced by townhouses and condominiums. my children's idea of climbing trees is through computer games.

    this is a lovely poem, kabayan. i'm glad i found your site. thanks for the nice comment you left at my blog. :)

  5. Thanks Bing. The feeling is mutual when I found your site.

    Some parts of our childhood experiences will just be stories that we'll impart to our children, there are things that no matter how much you want them back...it can never be.

  6. R.S. Mallari

    This is beautiful poem, i'm glad I found your creative writing page. Thanks for visiting my page!
    All the best


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