Take Me Home

Take me back where my heart longs
Let me feel the Earth with my feet again
I want to run and run until I am numb
Lie beneath the sky with velvet clouds

Take me back to where I was once before
Green fields, singing cicadas, butterflies roam
Warm breeze on my cheeks, blows my hair
Branches of trees kissing the abundant soil

Take me to the river where I used to play
Cold and clear water, where I learnt to swim

That was two long decades ago
Now in a race in the urban zone
Where the wind smells like burning tires
In the sewers, dark dead water flows

Where flies roam and dominate the air
Neither a single butterfly nor a cricket
Waste of men towering like hills
In a man-made valley called the city

Take me home, lovely hills, singing birds
And smell of fresh life-giving morning air