Indistinguishable Freedom - Are You Really Free?

A rock castle
Deep in the woods
Beneath is a dark room
Hear the clanging plates
Moaning so daunting
Metal chains
Being dragged
On the wet floor
Shadow of a man
Seen through
The cracks of wall

Then came
The liberator
Claims to be
The champion
Promises freedom
Talks about love
And Humanity
Cut the chain
From the man’s ankle
Took him
Civilized world
The liberator
Is a hero

Poor man
Finally saw
The free world
Blinded by neon lights
Blood in his ears
The sound of trains
Beeping cars
Everyone’s in a rush
The giant screen
Projecting a man
Talks about peace
Wearing camouflage
With a gun on his

The poor man
Witnessed a woman
Hit by a man in suit
A boy playing a rifle
Blinded by faith
From afar he heard
An explosion
Sirens wailing
City in chaos
Roar of metal
Raging beasts

He kneeled
Grasping for the hand
Of the one
They call the hero
Begging him
To take him back
In the woods
Under the rock castle
To the place
Where he finds
Peace and freedom
To his dark place
The Dungeon