No matter how dark the dusk would become,
Peace shall be found even on a restless night
There is always a bright morning that‘ll come.

The agitated sea, with all its crushing waves
On a troubled weather will surely calm down
And albatrosses will fly over the water pacified

But the wrath of men is worst and stubborn
Even bloodshed can’t appease, hunger for power
It lashes not only the living but even the unborn

Great minds, noble intentions, greed in the end
Ancient men were barbaric but never were beasts
Evolution made its way, monsters arose, modern men

Nature’s turbulence can be so sudden but brief
Humans create chaos that last for centuries
Humans not nature can cause lasting grief

3 Responses to "Human Nature"

  1. Ronald,
    This is a very true piece of writing. Man himself, has wrecked havoc upon the world, without question and good reason. Then walks away, leaving disaster and chaos behind him.
    As your words say,' Humans, not nature can cause lasting grief'.

    Easter Greetings,

  2. love the image on top.

    powerful story, sad, well done.

  3. feel free to join poets rally today:

    bless your talent.


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