When Pain is All there is

why do you need to hurt me?
so you could just feel a bit better
why keep on chasing ghosts
that has kept us so restless
wouldn’t it be better just to let go?

do you realize how much i carry?
every time you lash me with your tongue
heartless, how can you be?
why won’t you just be glad?
we have gone so far

now we are growing apart
crumbling vows and promises
soon, even the greatest foundation
shall collapse and will cease to exist
love no matter how strong and true
will break, if pain is all there is

3 Responses to "When Pain is All there is"

  1. Hi Charles - almost a harsh poem .. very sad words to read - words can be so cruel and people can be so unfair to each other.

    It's good to be reminded of our frailties .. and that life is too short .. Hilary

    1. Hilary, funny you keep calling me Charles :). Thanks for dropping by anyway.

  2. Although this poem may portray cruelty, I think the one who feels the pain is understandable. He or she might have been so destroyed that he or she had to say these things.


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