Crying in the Rain

Oh rain pour hard, be with me
hide me, hide my sadness
make me feel, embrace me
do not forsake, hold me

oh thunder consume my fears
be my companion, cry with me
let no other hear me sobs
run with me, cuddle me

let no sunshine, just this day
judging eyes be gone for a while
let me soak in your abundance
oh rain pour on me, deliver me

no birds shall sing, just this day
just wrath of your mighty sound
be my cohort, hold me tight
oh thunder roar loudly, cover me

4 Responses to "Crying in the Rain"

  1. Despite the tumult of emotion floating through this poem, I felt so much peace while reading it. Maybe it's no accident that rainfall is so often associated with peace while thunder is so often associated with fear--yet put together they are something truly beautiful!

    1. I completely agree with you on that. Things that we see as our enemies can sometimes be our best allies.

  2. Beautiful poem about rain and thunder. When men feels abandon, nature become his easily accessible friend to sooth him/her.

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you saw the picture i am trying to paint.


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