Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Space and time distorted when I don’t see your face
Hue of unspeakable darkness covers my whole being
Sunshine loses its glory whenever you are not around
Dreams turn to nightmares when I can’t hold your hand

songs are more of an annoyance as I don’t hear your laughs
murky as the  river’s bottom, life is so unbearable without you
every breathe is as painful as the cut of a sharp razor’s  blade
dawn can’t even break without me calling  for your name

crying became an habit, laughter eludes me most of the time
your absence makes me weak, even illogical sometimes
your voice, I long  every single night, as I am about to close my eyes
every morning is  torture, knowing you are not there to greet me

as time turns to days, turning into weeks,  it doesn't get easier
instead the hole inside of me keeps on growing as days pass by
like a monster feeding on my sadness and swim upon my tears
until the day you come back, this beast within me shall be my master
Shakespeare once said “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I say lonelier and empty at the same time. Missing someone badly is like looking at the cake behind the glass. The craving is so intense that not even sleep can pacify.