A Poem about Love (All I want is to be with the Woman I really Love)

When I’m unsure, she’s the one I want to see
When I feel insecure, she just know what to say
I stumble; she’s always there to help me get up
I mess up things; she helps me pick up the pieces

I am not perfect yet she makes me feel so right
When she is beside me, I can be the best that I can be
She nurtures my self-esteem, rebuilds my being
Most guys would envy; such a lovely lady is with me

I am not rich yet I have everything, her love
She may not say it every time but I feel it everyday
I don’t own a sports car and a luxurious flat
Yet when I’m with her I feel like the luckiest guy

I long for the mornings to come, a glimpse of heaven
When she wears that confident stance, a brave princess
She’s an epitome of beauty and uncanny intellect
Not a moment so dull when talking to her majesty

I don’t want a luxurious life, to be near her is enough
I do not long for the moon in my palm, just her hand
I can live with anything and anywhere, long as I’m with her
All I want is to be with the woman I really love, my Empress