The Journey I Cannot Make Alone (Get Back Together Poem)

That night you said it’s over for us, you move on
I was so lost that I cannot even speak my mind
to where I stand, I cried, until I became numb
what have gone wrong, can I make it undone
I sat down and look around, for us, is this the end?

hours turn to days, I pretended to be fine
that everything sounds good like a wind chime
wore a fake smile, greeting each and every one
wore my best dress, got out and met old friends
yeah I did laugh once or two, after that it was all pain

a week later, a mask I  made, covered my loneliness
kept on telling myself, not so bad after all, silence is bliss
I jogged; sweat with the help of the warm ocean breeze
as darkness falls, that stinging pain inside me made me restless
I am still in a chain that not even time can set me free

then a month, I succumbed to my longing and gave up
begged for you to be with me, even an hour I pleaded
you obliged, for old time’s sake I guess, and then it all came back
I can never be over you; I cannot move on, you are my other half
that void within me.. only you and your love can fill  the gap

for the last time my beloved, let’s give our love a chance
let’s get passed this mountain of an obstacle, we must conquer
give this astray his home back, in your arms, with your warm embrace
make this heart beat for you again and this soul to yours entwined forever.