The One

Make sure you're with the one that truly has your heart
Not the one that you got used to
or the one that takes care of you
but the one that touches the deepest part of your soul

The one that you love just to be near you
The one that no matter how bad the world gets
when they are near, their mere presence can turn
the darkest days into the brightest ones

that even the heavens would tremble in jealousy
Not the one with the great smile and lovely body
or the one everyone thinks you should be with .
but the one god paired you with in the heavens

before he sent you down in an endless game
to find each other...
The one no matter how blinded by anger
your love for them has the ability to erase
the biggest mountains of pain...

and no matter the distance or time
since you last seen them that love
that energy will never drain or run out
because they are THE ONE....