I Am and I Am Not

By: Hannah Wilcox

Here are some things that I am not:
I am not my past.
I am not an illness.
I am not my height or my weight,
nor do I fit into some neat little category.
I am not anyone's first or last impression,
perception or opinion of me.
I am not society's expectation
of what it means to be a woman.
I am not defined by a job role,
my gender or a Miss, Ms or Mrs title.
I am not what you want me to be.

Here are some things that I am:
I am a warrior.
I am strength and power.
I am the wind whistling in the trees,
a storm brewing on a bitter night.
I am a mess of hair,
unruly and wild in all the wrong (but right) places.
I am the magic in a well written book,
adventures to be had in worlds long forgotten.
I am light, with just a kiss of darkness.
I am love, the kind that spreads its fingers,
reaches far, begging to touch souls.
I am a human, desperate to be know, crying to be heard.
I am just like you, except that I am not.
I am me