Childhood Sweeethearts Quotes

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“Childhood sweethearts, that is how they used to call us which I really don’t understand back then. Only when I lived decades of my life and saw our old pictures together that I noticed, we looked so perfect for each other. That longing I have for you back in college and until now is more than friendly feelings after all. Realization, I have loved you all my life.
"We played, grown old and separated by place and time but our hearts never forgot. Time lead us back to each other. One look, one smile, no need for words. We hugged and let our hearts spoke. Tomorrow we will meet at the church where we used to marry as kids without the priest. This time it's for real, I will marry you, my childhood sweetheart."
“You can’t comprehend the meaning of soul mate as an adult unless you’ll go back in time and reminisce the joy that you've felt when you where still young with your first love, your childhood sweetheart."
“If there is someone in the past that you'll remember for the rest of your life, it would be your childhood sweetheart. The exhilarating sensation when you hold hands, the magical feeling of that first kiss will forever linger in your heart and mind and no matter what have been; you will keep longing for those very special days with smile on your lips.”
"Through the rain and sunshine, hand in hand we have laughed, we have cried. Danced under the moon light, hide and seek at night and through it all, after 20 years you and I sleep on the same bed as we both take care of the fruit of our love that we nurtured way back when we were young."
"Young hearts so pure, chivalry at its best, serving the first girl you've ever cared for beside your mother and sister, always wanting to be with the first boy you've ever missed beside your dad and your brother. He/She is your childhood sweetheart."
“I was there at your worst, defended you against the bullies, offered my umbrella during the storms yet you didn't even remember my name during our class reunion but one thing you've remember… The poem I gave you with my heart in it.”
"We played together, we were teased together. At the church we will see each other again; I am the best man of your groom, my best friend."
"Nothing can be compared with the bond that childhood sweethearts share."
"Who could say that the love you felt for your childhood sweetheart is just a puppy love when you have done so much more for him/her that you cannot do for your partner today."
"Childhood sweetheart's affection is one of the purest forms of love as it is base on companionship rather than any worldly things."
"I envy child couples for they argue a lot but never sleep without talking and the next morning it's just one of those days when they make some words exchanges unlike adult couples who would rather sleep than talk about it and animosity may last until they part."

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13 Responses to "Childhood Sweeethearts Quotes"

  1. but sometimes there are things left to be unsaid...something that is not meant to be...

  2. I like the expression and the idea of the blog and also the story about the love. good story to be read. I like the blog.

  3. Anonymous04:25

    There is nothing like the bond between childhood sweethearts... it is almost unsettling... when they go on to date others it is never quite the same... there is something that only they share, no one else can change that. NO ONE!! I think it's nice when they reconnect...

  4. Nice quotes! I will never forget my first love, my first hug and my first kiss. Children are so pure and their feelings are so honest, that any adult can be jealous.

  5. i love these word as these makes me remember my days and of course the girl ....

  6. Anonymous08:16

    me and my childhood sweetheart are still in contact and been planning on starting a life together

  7. Anonymous01:12

    Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful blog. I still hold my childhood sweetheart love up to this time, he will always be the first. We grew up at a tender age of 6 and now we have our own lives. I am very happy for him to see how responsible husband and father he is. Sometimes I joked with him, that I should have been the one where his wife stands lol. I will always love him and he will always be the one - now and forever till our last breath...our love for each other has never fade...if we can't be together now, perhaps in the next life...

  8. Anonymous23:21

    There was this beautiful girl who has now grown into a beautiful woman who I played with as a child. I am madly in love with her and always have been. She and I have both been through failed relationships and marriages but we never lost the love for each. The problem is that she and I have always both been in relationships and our timing was always off. We have never lost touch through the years but have recently reconnected in a big way. I feel like we both made bad choices in parttners over the years but did have several beautiful children in doing so. She and I are at a point where we just can't ignore it anymore and I feel that we both owe it to each other. So my advice to anyone is if you have someone like that in your life, stop cheating yourself and that person and go for it. We waited over 20 years to be where we are at and it was well worth it and beyond my wildest dreams or expectations because I love this woman, aside from my child more than anything in the world and have for way too long to let her get away once again. At this point in time I am going through a divorce after 10 years and I would like to name names but she knows who she is. I love you baby!!!����

  9. Anonymous23:13

    first love can never be compared to any other...... they are like dreams that jus stays in ones memory for life.......

  10. Anonymous03:22

    i felt inlove with my childhood sweetheart again,,and we still have each other even i got ,,haha.. the craziest thing is when we talked he said he always falling inlove with me OH my,,,Gosh ,,,,haha..thats it...and he still SINGLE..... goshhh

  11. Anonymous18:19

    I first laid eyes on my childhood love when I was only 3 years old. Its hard to believe that at this young age I knew he was the one. He became my best friend when I was 13 and I soon found out he felt the same, he loved me since we first met. I was terrified... feeling a love that strong so young... could it be real? We both made mistakes over the years and our lives went in different directions, but there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of him. He was married, divorced, had a child and I followed the same path, got married, had a child, separated from my spouse. Every time we saw each other even though years had past, I could see it in his eyes and his actions, he still loved me. I will always love him and hopefully one day there will be a time when our lives will intertwine again. I always knew he was the one and I will never make the mistake again of trying to move on without him. You know who you are and even though I have never told you out loud you know my heart will always belong to you.

  12. Anonymous01:52

    I met my first love on the block that I lived when I was 5 years old in Brooklyn, NY. We started to go steady in the early 60's when we were both 13 years old. He gave me an ID bracelet to wear and we were two teenagers in love. Oh, the great times we had. We were crazy about each other. We were always together. We were together until were were 20 years old. He went away to college to 5 hours away and we did not see each other very often, and began to socialize at school, and met a girl at school. He cam home and told me that he loves me more than he could ever love her, but felt she loves him more than I could ever love him. I was so so hurt, and no matter who I would meet once we broke up, I would always, think of my childhood love. So many years have passed by, and he married and so did I. I recently divorced my husband a few years ago since he turned into an alcoholic. I searched for my childhood sweetheart and found him. He's married, and mentioned he never stopped loving me, We have been in touch for one year. We connect on the phone. I wish we lived closer to each other, but unfortunately, we are about 13 hours away by car. Even though he is married, I still feel we will connect. We still love each other. I guess it is possible to love two people at the same time. The specialness of a childhood sweetheart is a treasure.
    I remain in love with my wonderful childhood love !!!!!!!!!

  13. I too have recently experienced a reconnection with my childhood love that I have not heard from or seen in over 28 or 29 years. He was almost a dream I have had on my mind that I was unsure really even existed .That is until I finally found him and I'm hoping so much that when he comes for our first visit since we were 11 and 13 years old, now both in our 40's. I cant tell you how much im hoping he feels even just a portion of the same feelings and sweet emotions That ran throughout my body and in my heart back then ; then I will know if he too believes that our hearts have belonged to one another and if he too also thinks we have a chance to try our love together , finally !I so hope; with all of my heart ! I love you , Jason !


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