R.S. Mallari

Half the Man I Used to Be

There were days, smiles were all I have
Running freely without worries in mind
Killing time over mountains and above
Valleys, sacred and forbidden I have climbed

Neighbors call me “the son of the devil”
Playing music as loud as the machine could
Strumming my wooden guitar and chill
I was young and reckless, I am bold

That was then, young and carefree
Now I’m just half the man I used to be

Time has passed by, I’ve grown old
With responsibilities, I cannot run
No time for songs and rock and roll
Freedom taken away by the hand of time

All that is left is just a part of me
And I’m half the man I used to be

R.S. Mallari

About R.S. Mallari

Through poetry I am trying to break the barriers of ethnicity, cultures and even beliefs for we humans have the same emotions, the same desires and aspirations. We may differ in colors, in language, and food that we eat yet we are still living under the same sun, swimming and sailing on the same seas and sleeping under the same stars.

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I think your poem is a reflection upon life, which many others will see as being familiar to them also.
Remember, you are not alone in this life journey. We all go through phases, good and bad.
Having good friends around for all those times, is important.
A very honest life reflection.


Through poetry we can inspire others, we can make someone smile and words can make others cry be it of joy or sadness.