R.S. Mallari

Letter to God (For Non-Religious)

It’ been a while father
I was too proud of myself
I didn’t say any prayer
thought I’ll never need help

I even mocked your name
laughed about your greatness
misinformed my other friends
faith is a bunch of nonsense

Forgive me Father
I have been blinded
please grace upon me

When us mortals  succeed
we tend to forget about You
by conquest we are blinded
claiming we’re above You

But as we fail and fall
upon reaching the bottom
only then that we call
asking why and You’re to blame

Forgive me Father
I have been blinded
please grace upon me

Freewill is our greatest gift
but it is also our downfall
as we use and abuse it
self-righteousness and all

During our darkest moments
that we see the light
as during our torments
that we see the truth

Forgive me Father
I have been blinded
Please grace upon me

R.S. Mallari

About R.S. Mallari

Through poetry I am trying to break the barriers of ethnicity, cultures and even beliefs for we humans have the same emotions, the same desires and aspirations. We may differ in colors, in language, and food that we eat yet we are still living under the same sun, swimming and sailing on the same seas and sleeping under the same stars.

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