R.S. Mallari

Her Lullabies-Villanelle

Perrault Leon Jean basile A Mother With Her Sleeping Child

Her lullabies calm the innocent one
In the cradle peaceful, helpless, asleep
She watches over ‘til the morning comes

Her protective instinct second to none
She struggles when the little one weep
Her lullabies calm the innocent one

She won’t forsake, won’t leave you alone
You, her precious, she will forever keep
She watches over ‘til the morning comes

Her embrace will keep you sound and warm
Love that shall nurture and keep you safe
Her lullabies calm the innocent one

From noon to dusk until the break of dawn
She won’t take her eyes of you even a minute
She watches over ‘til the morning comes

You were that innocent one, now have grown
Do you care to give her, even a bit of respect?
Her lullabies have calmed you, the innocent one
She watched over you, mornings that have gone

R.S. Mallari

About R.S. Mallari

Through poetry I am trying to break the barriers of ethnicity, cultures and even beliefs for we humans have the same emotions, the same desires and aspirations. We may differ in colors, in language, and food that we eat yet we are still living under the same sun, swimming and sailing on the same seas and sleeping under the same stars.

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I have read your words with the knowledge of what they must mean to you personally, especially as today is Mother's Day.
Absolutely beautiful and inclusive of so much love.

Best Sunday Wishes, Eileen :)

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Just wonderful, Ronald...so glad you shared this loving piece with us...:)

Imagination lane

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Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing!!!


Through poetry we can inspire others, we can make someone smile and words can make others cry be it of joy or sadness.