R.S. Mallari

A Ruby, Grace from Heaven

It was a dark cold place
Unable to see, no one can hear
Shadows were my friends
Silence, deafening yet I'm in bliss
Nights pass by without traces

Until I met, an angel in disguise
Suddenly all felt so new, I relish
Pain that I knew began to dissipate
Must be the weather or something else

Been a prisoner in my own cell
Then a figure came, a princess
Prominent cheeks, expressive eyes
As she talks, she leaves me breathless

She comes like a breeze in December
A bit brutal yet it tickles
Out of the mold, a breath of fresh air
Charged with sarcasm and wittiness

She is and she is not but unique
Her peculiarity, natural and innate
Among the rest, she stands out
Among the rock, she's a gem afloat

R.S. Mallari

About R.S. Mallari

Through poetry I am trying to break the barriers of ethnicity, cultures and even beliefs for we humans have the same emotions, the same desires and aspirations. We may differ in colors, in language, and food that we eat yet we are still living under the same sun, swimming and sailing on the same seas and sleeping under the same stars.

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Through poetry we can inspire others, we can make someone smile and words can make others cry be it of joy or sadness.