An Inspirational Poem: Rise and Shine

Sun rising over the horizon

Narrow path ahead, unfolding darkness
tired, heavy heart, eyes full of tears
chained weary feet, unable to make steps
body begins to tremble, will starts to fade

a flash of light illuminated the heavens
suddenly a squeeze from within
hope that’s all there is, must not succumb
walk on, slowly one step at a time

failures are all but part of the fight
never give in to pain, hold on tight
dream on, ride on and take the flight
go on, continue the journey of life

even the darkest of nights shall pass
see with the heart, forget what was
dawn soon will break, greet it, you must
bask in the sun, success be the breakfast
An inspiring poem about getting up after we stumble. Failures don't define us, it's how we deal with the pain that make us who we are. So stop whining about the unfairness of life and start your day with a renewed spirit.