A Fruit of Love: A Father's Wish

Couple with Child

A Year Before

In my heart I'm longing
Little sounds, cute cries
In my mind I desire
Chanting innocent voice
That will fill the silence

A living fruit of love
I will caress and cherish
A loving soul in the cradle
I could care to watch
In my fatherly chest
Will lay to sleep.

A Year After

I wish I could find the right words
I hope I can express my emotions
I feel I owe you my angel
The happiness you bring, immeasurable
Your unpretentious smile, incomparable
Your hugs and kisses, non-negotiable

The battles of life I'll fight for you
The struggles I shall conquer for you

The day will come for you to fly
The moment shall arrive for you to explore
The time you'll find for your own space
Indeed Inevitable

I don't mind the time nor the future
I would never think of the coming days
I shall not even count the moments.
All I want to do now is to love you
All I need to do now is to cherish you
All that matter now is you're with me
My precious