Oath to My Wife

My lady you’re so fine
Like sweet, bitter wine
My darling you’re so warm
Can’t get enough‘f your charm

My honey I’m so blessed
And to you now I pledge
My wife, my pride, my love
Only you, long as I’m alive

Promises are made, broken
But mine is real, solemn
I’ll walk the mile with you
Beyond cliffs and through


  1. how lucky women :)describe about ur feel with honest n the sincerity :)

  2. Very moving. Love is such a powerful force; and, true love never ends, just as you describe. Keep up the great work!

  3. Anonymous06:54

    So beautiful...

  4. Thank you guys, I guess i love my wife that much:)

  5. Ronald,

    The sincerity and love just flows from every word you have written.
    Thank you for sharing these loving thoughts......

    Best wishes,

  6. Thanks Eileen, I am continuously courting my wife even after a decade to keep the flame burning.

  7. This is a sweet poem. Thanks.


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