Blurring lights
Weary eyes, misty
Darkest of nights
Come immense agony

Body shivers
Will, turn to decay
Soul quivers
Strength taken away

Time took over
Youth out of sight
Only surrender
Run out of might

A stale vessel
Laid on a bed
Like an old well
The water's out, bled

One more drip
End is so near
Take the last breath
And Rest forever.

5 Responses to "Parting Time"

  1. All certain humankind will die... possibly this the meaning from your poetry :) nice words Bro :)

  2. I'm very sorry for your mother. Your verses moved me.

  3. A beautiful yet melancholy message with a fantastic tight style. Great poem.

  4. Thank you all, and by the way Sylvia my mom is recovering.

  5. My Mother took her last breath November 25, 2009. She's well rested now.


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