She’s the light of our home
A burning candle
Through all the storms
Oh God, give her rest

She cares, easily forgives
A solid great wall
Lean on, she never leaves
Oh God, give her rest

She takes me as I am
A loving adherent
Reminds me when to turn
Oh God, give her rest

She whispers only love
A poet in her own right
Keeps telling me I’m her pride
Oh God, give her rest

She’s now tired and weak
All strength spent
Peace, she now seeks
Oh God, give her rest

2 Responses to "SHE"

  1. Ronald, thanks for your kind review of my aphorisms. Reading through your poems and quotes, it's easy to see your a person with a warm heart.

  2. i juat wanna say...amen, best wishes for her :)


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