The Prodigal Child

Walk with the shadows
Far away from the glow
Don’t ever look back
No one will give a mock

You made up your mind
Turned and crossed the line
Arrogance is all you have
Coupled with zest pride

You shed your old life
For the dark flight
Damned everyone you know
Left your parents in sorrow

Traded fields for the metro
In your hand a stiletto
A predator at night
Preying on weak at sight

A decade has passed
Gone is your pride
City jail been your home
Regrets, you sobbed alone

In the square room
You were locked and doomed
Arrogance that fueled you
Slowly has been chewed

A year more passed by
You heard a loud cry
A familiar figure
Your weeping mother

The man with a key
Unlocked and set you free
Embrace of a loving mom
Finally you felt, freedom

Outside the forsaken place
You saw that firm face
Your father silently waits
Looking at you straight

In the car it’s silent
Not a word, no inquest
With guilt you asked, why?
Your dad replied
You are my child.

The morning yellow sun
Peeped through the room
You opened your eyes
Then you realized
This is where you belong
The farm, your heritage
Your home.